Piotr Ostrowski Guide Service Szczecin

I came to Szczecin to study. I fell in love and stayed here. Szczecin has become my city. Now I invite you to go sightseeing together. Szczecin is closer than you think.

Why Szczecin

Greenery, roundabouts and wide avenues - this is what draws attention at the beginning.

The unusual history of the city that belonged in the past to the Germans, French, Swedes and Danes – curious many people from audience.

Landscapes like in the Amazon River - just 15 minutes of a ship trip from the center of Szczecin - it surprises even those who have seen a lot.

"Tutti" of the cathedral organs - it moves both music lovers and those who are tone-deaf.

The smell of chocolate, in the Old Town - it enchants everyone...

Do I need to list more?


Provide your family, friends, clients, employees and students the professional and interesting tour of Szczecin. I do guided on thematic routes or in line with the group's preferences.

We can cooperate with individual visitors, small family/friends groups or travel groups. For individual visitors and small groups we organise an original nostalgic tour or typical sightseeing. For travel groups I recommend the following solution optimally:
Walk around Szczecin with a guide
Variant 1.
2.5 h - 3 h, no admission tickets

Meeting in the bus stop near the castle (10, Żołnierza Polskiego Square), walk along the route: Solidarity Square with the Angel of Freedom, Philharmonic Hall, St. Peter and Paul church, Mickiewicz's square, Wały Chrobrego Embankment, Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, New Old Town with City Hall, a Cathedral of Saint Jakob, Orła Białego Square.

Variant 2.
1.5  - 2 h, no admission tickets,

Meeting in the bus stop near the castle (10 Żołnierza Polskiego Square), walk along the Golden Route: Royal Gate, Flower Avenue, 18st-century buildings, Kaskada, Lotników Sq. with Colleoni monument, Fountains Avenue, Star Squares, Papieża Jana Pawła II Avenue with eclectic houses and Rectorate of Szczecin University, Spinach Palace (City Hall), Jasne Błonia green recreation area with several monuments.
Tour by bus or VAN
Visiting St. Jakob Archcathedral
The World War II route in the shelter
Cruise on the port and shipyard
In addition
Another services
The cost of the guide service is determined individually.

I also conduct activities in the area of ​​booking services such as transfers, meals or attractions. I offer a concierge service in Szczecin and as the host.

I kindly recommend hotels for groups, according to your preferences, and for individual guests or families safe apartments in the best locations in Szczecin.

I have 7-seater VAN Mercedes V-class Avantgarde with many safety systems and amenities (seats in leather, table, 3-zone air conditioning, individiual lights, ambient light, automatic doors and if necessary, a set of baby seats).


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